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To reserve the use of the flatbed trailer
or other club equipment contact Jim Eister at


Note COVED-19 may cause the below schedules to change.


Hi-Landers EventJuly 24th -- (Friday) Barrett Lake Trail Run & welfare check We will meet at the Barrett Lake Jeep Trail head at 9am on Friday morning, and then come back out again on Sunday afternoon.  For more info contact Diane or see here e-mail..

Hi-Landers EventAug 10th -- 7:30pm -- Hi-Landers General Meeting.

Hi-Landers EventAug 29th -- Club Run -- TBD.

Hi-Landers EventSept 14th -- 7:30pm -- Hi-Landers General Meeting.

Hi-Landers EventSept 26th -- Club Run -- TBD.

Hi-Landers EventOct 12th -- 7:30pm -- Hi-Landers General Meeting.

Members resource page has past copies of Club Minutes and much more handy club information
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New log in and password as of August 12th, 2019

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Hi-Lander Regalia For Club Members

Contact Bev H.
to order a Hi-Landers traditional baseball style green jackets with embroidered name and logo

The following items are available to order contact Sue Bernard.

Mens T-Shirt no pocket
Mens T-Shirt with pocket
Mens T long sleeve with pocket
Men’s Polo Shirt
Men’s Polo Pocket Shirt
Ladies T-Shirt crew neck
Ladies T-Shirt V- neck
Sweat Shirt Crew Neck
Sweat Shirt hoodie no zipper
Sweat Shirt hoodie with zipper
Denim Shirt

Hi-Lander 3-in-1 jacket with embroidered name and patch on the back about $150.00

Other items may be available contact Sue Bernard

Hi-Landers Club Vests
Contact Rena

Material Fee: None fabric bolts are owned by the club and the fabric is free to our members.
Seamstress Fee: Approximately $12 plus a $1 to $2 fee per patch sewn on.
Embroidering Fee: Approximately $15 at All Awards.
Large Hi-Landers Patch: $10 each
Final Estimate: About $40 per vest.
Steps in getting a vest:
1) Purchase Club Patch from Membership Cahreperson and deliver to Rena.
2) Contact Rena with type and size desired, she will cut and preliminary stitch vest.
3) Pick-up partial vest from Rena and deliver to embroidery shop for embroidering.
4) Return embroidered incomplete vest with your desired personal patches for finishing to Rena.
5) Pick-up finished Vest.

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