4 Wheel Drive Club's 39th Poker Run
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HI-LANDERS 50th Poker Run is over

This page left up for Information on the event.

Our 51st Run is scheduled for June 16 - 17, 2023

Look for updated information mid March 2023

Base Camp at South Fork Group Campground located in the Crystal Basin area of Eldorado National Forest

Directions to our Base Camp from Sacramento, CA:

Take Highway 50 east out of Sacramento, 8.4 miles from the Pollock Pines/Sly Park Exit you will come upon a left turn lane that turns onto Ice House Road (Crystal Basin). Turn left onto Ice House Road, travel 22.5 miles down Ice House Road. You will come to a major intersection called Wentworth springs road, do not turn onto that road but proceed past it about 200 feet and then take that left it is the road to our base camp located at the South Fork Group Camp Ground. The South Fork Campground is 0.8 miles down this road on your right. There are limited number of camping sights at our base camp. Fortunately there are numerous other Forest Service and private camp grounds nearby. Due to slow traveling on the winding Ice House Road it will take you approximately one hour to reach our base camp once you turn off of highway 50 onto Ice House Road, take it easy and enjoy the scenery.
Note due to road damage caused by winter storms there may be delays along this route.

Map of Crystal Basin area.

PR Road


Map of South Fork Camp Ground Area

PR Camp



Please share your camp site with others the more we can fit in Base Camp the more fun for all.












Map of Proposed Trail

HL Poker Run Trail



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