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Welcome to the Hi-Landers Postings Page.
On this page you will find information posted by our club members.





Richard Mills

On April 27th, 2015 Richard J. Mills passed on after battling Cancer and its Chemo treatments.

Richard has been a Hi-Landers club member since 1999 and he has made numerous contributions to our club and will be truly missed.


Richard Mills






(Webmasters Remembrance) The first time I met Richard he came to one of our Hi-Landers club runs to Bassie Falls. He came in a stock YJ Jeep and was unable to disconnect his stabilizer arm, so his Jeep had traction problems on the run. Some folks picked on him and said he had a Sissy Jeep. At the next run he showed up with some Jeep mods. One of them was a Pink Bicycle Basket he borrowed from a sissy bicycle and attached to his grill. I knew then, he would fit right in with our club.


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